Funeral Flowers Bristol

The passing of someone you love is an extremely difficult time and sometimes it’s hard to express your emotions in the right way. Often flowers can be a nice way to express some of your feelings and to help pay your final respects to a loved one.

Here at Roots Floral Designs we realise the importance of creating the right funeral flowers and will work with you to allow you to create what you feel is right for the day. From beautiful coffin sprays to traditional wreaths and sympathy bouquets, we have a wide variety of styles for you to choose from.

Funeral Flower Prices Bristol

Funeral Flower Arrangements Description Size Price (starts from)
Coffin Sprays A coffin spray is a funeral flower arrangement that is commonly used as the focal point of the coffin. Traditionally white flowers and Lillies were used, but these days people choose colours and flowers that reflect the loved one’s personality. 2ft








Sympathy Bouquet A sympathy bouquet is often brought by guests that are attending the funeral. They can be petite, subtle, or a grand elaborate design. They can be wrapped in cellophane or left naturally. £35
Wreaths A wreath can be brought by a guest and traditionally is based with white Chrysanths with a ribbon edge that matches the small spray of flowers. An alternative design would be flowers and foliage in any colours. 12″






Letters Letters are used to spell out the name or relation of a loved one and are often featured at the back or side of the Hearse. Traditionally they are based in white Chrysanths, but there are also a variety of contemporary designs available. One Size £40
Basket Arrangement Basket arrangements can be subtle or extravagant and are traditionally made with flowers and foliage of any colour. £40
Posy A Posy is a small subtle design made with flowers and foliage. £35
Personal Designs Personal designs can be a shape or object based in coloured Chrysanths that reflects a loved one’s personality. There are many designs available, please call to find out more. £100
Hearts Hearts are traditionally based in white Chrysanths with ribbon and a small spray of flowers to match. £50