Coffee and flowers

Top tip – Recycle those beans!

Here at Roots we love to re-cycle. Lately, our enthusiasm for different ways to ‘make do and mend’ has led us to a new, plentiful source of plant fertiliser AND brought us new friends to boot! Roasted coffee granules, already well known as a good addition to any compost heap, are…


Mothering Sunday and the English Primrose

While Mothering Sunday can fall on any Sunday within a four week period during Lent (depending on the moon’s phase) the English buy tramadol 100mg no prescription primrose ALWAYS seems to manage to coincide an appearance too. And so it is in Bristol this year, with the rustic plant brightening…

Capanula Bellflower creeping out the walls in St Werburghs park Bristol

Alpine Plants Creeping Around Bristol

Alpines; we love these at Roots, they’re plentiful and varied – ranging from climbers to rockery plants to trees – and often they’re evergreen too. Many are slow-growing and compact, providing small gardens with some all-round colour and texture. Despite their name there are varieties that will (and happily do) exist…

A group of Pansy plants wrapped individually in brown paper with string

Plants that sprung this spring – Bellis, Calceolaria & Pansies

Here at Roots we always try to stock an eclectic mix of seasonal plants. Whether they are indoor or outdoor varieties, we will always endeavour to advise you on the most appropriate choice of plant for your environment or occasion. Here are a few of the most popular plants we… | |