Roots Floral Designs Bristol

Here at Roots Floral Designs we pride ourselves on bringing you a great range of flowers in many wonderful ways. We cater for weddings, special events and have many corporate clients throughout Bristol who love our flowers to brighten up their businesses. And during those times of sorrow we know how important it is to pay your respects, so we can provide lovely sympathy flowers that will allow you to do so in the way you wish.

We are a small team of florists who are passionate about flowers and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we love to share. We offer a great range of flowers to create fabulous bouquets that will suit any occasion. We also like to offer you lots of lovely little gifts, like potted plants, cactuses and homemade cards, along with some of our very own unique creations – you’ll have to call in to the shop to find out about those!

So even if you don’t have a huge budget, we assure you we can find something that will fit your gift ideas. To follow the latest goings off or to find out more about flowers, why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks, Roots

Flowers in galvanised jugs on the flower stand at Roots Floral Designs

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