A group of Pansy plants wrapped individually in brown paper with string

Plants that sprung this spring – Bellis, Calceolaria & Pansies

Here at Roots we always try to stock an eclectic mix of seasonal plants. Whether they are indoor or outdoor varieties, we will always endeavour to advise you on the most appropriate choice of plant for your environment or occasion.

Here are a few of the most popular plants we have had this spring.

The Bellis plant or ‘Pomponette Daisy’ from the ‘Asteraceae’ family is a hardy perennial and offers a refreshing change of texture and colour to common spring flower varieties.

It is a perfect way to add colour to any window box or patio container and is a perennial which will flower from early spring till late summer, and in the colder months will die back to leave a beautiful green textured foliage. As it is a robust plant it can be enjoyed inside for a few months before becoming pot bound and needs a re-pot.

And for the foragers of the world, the young leaves of a Bellis Plant, raw or cooked are edible. The slightly bitter flavour is not everyone’s dream dish but looks lovely.

The Beautiful Daisy bellis is so easy to grow, affordable and hardy enough for the amateur gardener.

Another popular plant of the indoor variety has been the revival of the ‘Calceolaria Herbeohybridia’ commonly known as ‘Ladies purse’, ‘slipper flower’ or ‘pocketbook flower.’

Close up shot of Calceolaria Herbeohybridia commonly known as Ladies purse

Although this plant is a perennial, it is invariably treated as an annual and discarded after flowering, but it will often flower for a second year and the foliage is attractive on its own. Calceolaria’s are available from the flower market from early spring time.

For care at home, keep Calceolaria in a light and draft free environment. Re-pot the plant with compost and add drainage by using pebbles or a container with a whole, as the roots like to be moist but not soaking wet, and be careful to only water beneath the leaves.

The ever faithful, colourful and versatile garden Pansy (Latin name ‘Viola) is a British firm favourite; with more than 500 species to chose from there are blooms to be had throughout the year, even in deep winter. We are drawn to their beautiful range of colours, their longevity and affordability. They make a great companion in spring flowering containers, growing best in well drained moist soil with some sun on their faces.

If you want to ask any questions about any of the plants featured in this blog don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Written by Lilian McGroarty

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