Wedding table arrangements of Gyp

Never say never with flowers…

For a long time Gyp was a no-no for all brides and florists, it had the worst reputation ever! But it came back from nowhere and is now one of the most popular flowers for brides. With a reference to snow and a beautiful and delicate appearance, how can it not be one of the most romantic flowers.

Take a look at Phil and Sophie’s simple and yet stunning use of Gyp. How could we have ever said no to this.

The circlet also know as the flower crown was huge in the 80’s and sworn by others it would never come back but it has with vengeances. Brides are really going for it making a statement with the flower crowns and creating a real impact on their wedding day. Weather you might be a bold and colourful bride or creating a delicate and simple wedding the circlet could be for you.

Rose and Ranunculus Flower crown on wooden table
Why not have a look at Laura and Ed’s wedding to see the flower crown in all its glory.

Foliage especially Asparagus Fern was massive in the 1920’s making wedding bouquets trailing and wispy and yes you got it, it’s come back, and is beautiful teamed up with some vintage lace.

You can use it softly in a bouquet or go heavy and make it a feature.

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