Mothering Sunday and the English Primrose

While Mothering Sunday can fall on any Sunday within a four week period during Lent (depending on the moon’s phase) the English primrose ALWAYS seems to manage to coincide an appearance too. And so it is in Bristol this year, with the rustic plant brightening up many a dark corner around the city these last few weeks.

An annual plant, the Primular Vulgaris, is a self seeder and most of us have a dark and damp spot in their garden where two plants can cross-pollinate and spread away! Traditionally picked by young servants returning to their homes on an annual day off, Primroses have long been associated with Mothering Sunday.

The traditional English primrose is all shades of yellow from white to orange but the hybrid primula (a mix of primrose and cowslip) has a colour range like an artist’s palette. Despite the plant’s love of the outdoors they will survive happily in a pot at home for a good few weeks. Once flowering is over, then transfer them to that forgotten corner, in a pot or the ground, and they’ll reward you with a fresh burst of colour next Spring.

Here at Roots we currently have a lovely selection of Mothering Sunday gifts including Primulas of every hue. If you are passing by, why not come and take a look.

Writtenby Lilian McGroarty

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