Helium Balloons Bristol

Balloon Prices

Single 11 inch latex helium balloon & weight – £2.50

Three 11 inch latex helium balloons & weight- £7.50

Five 11 inch latex helium balloons & weight- £12.50

Single 18 inch foil helium balloon – £6.50

For delivery please see our Flower Delivery Prices

Please call for an exact quote on 0117 945 1820 or send us an email at info@rootsfloraldesigns.co.uk to arrange delivery to discuss any ideas.

Gift Balloon

If you are considering a helium balloon as a gift we have a variety of choices to choose from. We sell plain latex balloons in a variety of colours, foil balloons in plain or with a theme, such as birthday, hen do, baby boy/girl, plus many more. We even do gift boxes, where small or large helium balloons will hide inside and then burst out to surprise the recipient.

Balloons can make great gifts on their own, or even better partnered up with a beautiful flower bouquet or a planted arrangement to create the perfect gift.

Georgie with bunch of balloons under shoe tree in Bristol
Huge white balloons tied to the back of a motorbike at Iris and George's wedding

Wedding Balloons

When it comes to your wedding day, balloons can be used in many wonderful ways to create that extra excitement. They can add an element of sophistication or playfulness depending on what your style is.

Whether you let them fall from the roof on to the dance floor or release them into the sky at the end of the day, they can certainly make a statement. And, you can also decorate your balloons in your own unique way to make them fit nicely along side your wedding style.

Event Balloons

Here at Roots Floral Designs we will deliver and provide an on-site setup service for special events. Balloons are a great way to launch your occasion and to help highlight areas of a venue.

Arches can be made to give emphasis on an entrance or to highlight a display, and you can use columns or table arrangements, to transform the room or a certain area. Using varying coloured balloons can help to match a specific theme or style.

Balloons falling from the ceiling at Lisa and Shaw's wedding

So if you would like to find out more or just simply make an order, please call in at the shop or just give us a call on 0117 945 1820 and we can talk some more.

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