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Dried Flowers – How to give your favourite flowers a second life!

Even though summer maybe almost over, there is a great way to keep your home bright and cosy and give your favourite flowers a second life.

Dried flowers look charming and provide a summer warmth with their subtle colours.

Here at Roots we like different styles and shapes of the flowers and here are some tips for drying your blooms:

Step1. To get started pick some flowers which will dry well, such as roses, delphinium, statis, eucalyptus, physalis, nigella, scabiosa, craspedia, allium, celosia, thistle, strawflower, hydrangea, poppy seeds heads and gypsophila. These will dry easily and even will keep their colour.

Step 2. Take some single stems or tie a few into a small bundle and hang them upside down in a dark, well ventilated area outside of direct sunlight and leave them for a couple of weeks to dry.

Step 3. To protect the dried blooms, as they will be more fragile than the fresh cuts, spray them with some unscented hairspray.

For an authentic autumn feeling add some dry wheat to your arrangement to symbolise harvest time and for a nice calming scent use some much loved dried lavender flowers.

dry flowers blog1

To add a quirky and unusual detail, use some poppy seed heads and for a cosy feeling of autumn, a touch of class can be achieved by adding a pheasant or other bird feather to your arrangement.

Do not be afraid to experiment and add some birch twigs or straws to your dried bouquet for a stylish and contemporary look.

These kinds of arrangements would fit perfectly into a jug, ceramic vase or even a bottle. Some raffia or a piece of string wrapped around the vessel’s neck will add a stylish and rustic detail.

A bouquet made of dried flowers will last for months and bring warm memories of summer.

dry flowers 4    Dried Lavender     Dried flowers

By Aria Vell

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