Flowers and jam jars

Creating ‘outside the box’ floral designs with recycled containers

Bristol, the green capital, is already well known for creativity in the arts and music, and at long last we are now seeing more and more imaginative design in our flower arranging.

Recently at Roots, we have been planting up flowers in any type of container we can find, which is proving to be very popular.

When we first opened in October we filled jam jars with crab apples and orchids. The simple, yet creative arrangements were a roaring success!


Visually,the container in which the flowers sit can be every bit as exciting as the flower’s themselves. There are plenty of mass produced, yet quirky vases that your florist can show you, available from florist markets and shops…. Fish bowls anyone? But the real joy comes from seeking more individual pieces from the many charity shops, table top sales and car boots we have here in the UK. Matching that special find with floral favourites is where the creativity really takes off!

  Kilner jars and milk churns      

For the make do and menders of the world, there is also a great supply of inspiration in your home; jam jars, coffee jars, baked bean tins, wine bottles, kilner jars, plastic bottles…

You name it, whether your design is planted or arranged, simplicity, elegance and texture can be created giving you any look you can imagine! After a good wash and rinse you can really create something bespoke whatever your occasion.

Any container can be adapted, planted and arranged!

Written by Lilian McGroarty & Joanna Henderson

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